The Helical Paintball Delivery System

The A5 Feed Neck is a first ever system giving players the freedom and power to use any high speed powered hopper on their Tippmann A5 or X7 paintball markers. Specially designed for use with force feed hoppers the A5 Feed Neck uses a patent pending helical cavity to smoothly move paintballs from the hopper around the Tippmann Cyclone Feed Control Guide and into the marker.

Helix Body

Why The A5 Feed Neck

  • Can use powered force feed hoppers
  • Bolt on design is easy to install
  • Low profile design makes you a harder target
  • Helical path for smooth unobstructed paintball flow
  • High strength plastic body and aluminum clamp
  • Increased air efficiency

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With the A5 Feed Neck you can now obtain higher rates of fire using electromechanical hoppers, increase air efficiency without the Cyclone Feed, minimize your exposed profile while continuing to use the most customizable paintball marker available.

The A5 Feed Neck is Patent Pending