The A5 Feed Neck is a paintball's first helical feed neck. The internal helix is specifically designed for attaching electronic power feed hoppers to your Tippmann A5 or X7 paintbal Marker. The system is made out of a high strength plastic with an aluminum clamp for durable lasting performance.

Helix Body

Some key design features include:

  1. Helical internal cavity provides a smooth unobstructed path for paintballs to flow into the marker.
  2. Easy bolt on design uses the locating pins and mounting bolt already on the Tippman A5 and X7 markers. The feed neck is easy to install and requires no permnant modification of your marker.
  3. Aluminum cam action locking clamp will securely hold your hopper while playing.
  4. Recessed pocket provides clearance for the existing tang no longer needed without the Tippmann Cyclone Feed.
NOTE: The helical feed system of the A5 feed neck was designed for use with power feed hoppers and is not intended for use with gravity feed hoppers.

The A5 Feed Neck comes with some additional tools and components required for assembly and removing the Cyclone Feed System.

  1. A mounting bolt that can be used in place of the original bolt from the Tippmann Cyclone
  2. A pressure sealing screw for closing off the Cyclone Feed air port on A5 paintball markers
  3. A custom plug for replacing the Cyclone Feed air line on X7 paintball markers
  4. Two additional allen wrenches that are useful for assembly
Helix Body

Aesthetic Note

The A5 feed neck body is made using a proprietary manufacturing process. The process is still under development and tuning. Some parts may have minor surface defects. The defects in no way detract from the functionality, durability, or overall performance of the A5 feed neck.